Hey I’m Jon

I'm so glad you decided to come and check out my website! Here you will find work samples, blog posts, links to plenty of videos, and all of the various ways to connect with me! Shoot me a message if you need anything!

Stoked to meet you!

I’m Jon Levesque, For my day job I am the Senior Platform Evangelist for the Power Platform and have helped grow over 2 Million community members across the suite of products!

What the heck is an Evangelist?

Glad you asked! An Evangelist is a person who helps people Get Informed, Educated, Inspired or Engaged with a brand, product or idea. We do this through events, social interaction and initiatives!

In plain English. There is a group of awesome people making a set of products, its my job to help everyday people like you and me, learn about or get more familiar with those products.

With My Own Two Eyes

This is how I want to experience the world. I want to live it. All of the ups and downs, all of the chaos and calm, every bump in the road or windy path. I want to take all of it and feel it fully because I know how finite time is..

I wasn’t always this way though, I used to believe that a great life wasn’t possible for me.. I used to think that living a life full of hardship was my only option. Until one day I decided that I was going to live it all myself, experience as much as I could, and find new opportunities at any costs.

And so, right here as we just get to know each other, I want to invite you to do the same. Make life what you want it to be, Make opportunities and not excuses, and come along with me for a hell of a ride I’m happy to call my life.

Side Hustles? Always!

When I am not slaying it for the corporate scene i do love to have plenty of side projects to keep myself busy.

I love to hustle on my YouTube Channel Making tutorial videos and Vlogs! Coming up with new T-shirt shop ideas, Grabbing some sweet Photography or one of my other hundred hustles i may have at that moment.

Outside of trying to monetize my hobbies I also am a huge Xbox fan and an avid gamer. Its how i connect with my kids, and my friends and it has been a huge life saver in the pandemic.