Microsoft Flow Ideas: 101

Hello Flow Fans!

Welcome to another video, but this time, something a bit different!

In this video I am not talking about using the Flow Product.. I am talking about using the Flow Community Ideas Exchange!

In this video we talk about two kinds of ideas, what they are, and where they go:

1. Exact Ideas – I know exactly what feature i need and what it will enable for me – Post Here:

2. Rough Idea – I know that i need something, but i am not sure what that is – Post Here:

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Microsoft Flow Tutorial – Teams + Planner + AtBot (Formerly Bizzy) = Efficiency on the go!

Welcome to this Microsoft Flow Tutorial Video!

I know, you’re probably wondering “What is a Bizzy?” I wondered the same thing when i first heard about it, but WOW! Let me tell you! Bizzy is a powerful little bot, built on #MicrosoftFlow that allows you to do all kinds of custom interactions from your #Teams channel.

Go read all about Bizzy over here:
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Ok, on to the video! For this one, Follow along as i take an outing on a sunny day and am still able to be productive in my work along the journey by using Bizzy to show me what items are overdue in my Planner. This way i can be sure and act on the highest priority items for the day and not miss the important stuff!

In the video i mention putting the expressions in the description – Once we get to the section where the Flow is built, you may want these Expressions to re-use on your own

Tasks Due Today: @and(not(equals(item()?[‘dueDateTime’], ”)), and(greater(string(item()?[‘dueDateTime’]), variables(‘DayStart’)), less(string(item()?[‘dueDateTime’]), variables(‘DayEnd’))))

Overdue Tasks: @and(and(not(equals(item()?[‘percentComplete’], 100)), not(equals(item()?[‘dueDateTime’], null))), less(string(item()?[‘dueDateTime’]), variables(‘DayStart’)))

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1. Download the Zip –!AnFATp1ms-B-jK4AQxugHnkmludvTQ

2. Instructions on how to Import the Zip –

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