Power Automate Tutorial – SharePoint Document Approvals

Whats up my friends?!

Today I am joined by my friend Abhinav AnandVeeraraghavan as he shows me how he does document approvals for assessments!

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Power Automate Tutorial – Microsoft Forms Multiple Attachments

Whats up friends!

Join me and MVP Yash Agarwal as he shows us how to attach multiple files to a Microsoft Form in a programmatic fashion with Power Automate!

Yash is here again to show us how to be a pro like him! welcome back Yash!

Watch part 1 of Forms Attachments:

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Power Automate Tutorial – Business Process Management Approvals

Hey Friends!

Doctor Flow AKA Serge Luca, is back with more patterns and practices for us!

This video illustrates the Power Platform BPM Toolkit. This is actually a proof of concept of a framework that will be available for free on GitHub and in the Community!

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DJI Goggles – Unboxing & First Impression

Hello my friends!

This week I got myself a new piece of equipment, the DJI Goggles for FPV Flying!

I figured with such a cool and techie new gadget, why not make a video to let you all know what I thought!

Here is my initial impressions of the DJI FPV Goggles

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