Microsoft Flow Tutorial – How to promote your blog with Flow

Whats up Friends!

Today i want to teach you how to make a Flow that you can share with others to help promote your own blog. You may already be familiar with THIS Flow template, which helps you get an email each time the Official Microsoft Flow blog sends out a new post, if so, great! You already understand what we are trying to accomplish… If not, no worries, that’s why we are here!

To get prepared, a few things you will need are:

  1. A Microsoft Flow Account
  2. A Blog with RSS

Have both of those things? Awesome! Let’s Jump in!

First, we need to find the RSS url for your website.. to do that lets open up our browser and go to our blog page.

And then open up your developer tools in the Browser – For Chrome its the F12 key – then go to the “Elements” tab and press CTRL + F to do a find and then type in RSS

You should then jump down the page to see something like this:

And we can see from there, that my RSS feed url is – Perfect! Now that we have that info, we can start to build our Flow.

First, head over to and get signed in.

Click on My Flows at the top, then + Create From Blank and then choose Search hundreds of connectors and triggers to bring you to the full editor experience.

Now in the search box at the top, type RSS and choose RSS – When a feed item is published and go ahead and paste in the feed url from our earlier steps.. like this:

Now, click + New Step and Add an Action – Type Notification into the search box and choose Send me an email notification and then customize it to your liking.

Here is how i did mine.

Finally, Name your Flow and click Create Flow at the top which will take you to the Flow details page like this:

Now we made the Flow, how do we share it with other people?

We will export our Flow and then you can share it with others, and they can import it!

Lets walk through that process.

From the Flow details screen, click on …more and then Export, and then choose .zip

This will take you to the Export package page, go ahead and fill out the Name field and the Description field, you can see how i did mine:

After that is all done, click the blue EXPORT button at the bottom which will then give you a zip file with your Flow inside.

From there, upload your file to OneDrive and then click Share get a public link for it.

Then, Share your link out with the world along with THESE instructions for Importing Flows into your environment! Take a look at how i shared this as i made it!


And that’s that! You should now be able to build a flow that emails people when you blog, export that flow to a .zip package, upload it to OneDrive, and share it out so other people never miss a post from you!

That’s all for today! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts and ideas on how else you could use this Flow, or one like it! Or, leave a question if you need more help on this.

Talk to you all soon, friends!


P.S – To never miss a post from me, download this flow and import it into your own flow environment!


By Jon Levesque

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