The Next Big Thing

What’s up my friends?!

I’m just going to come right out and say it, because i don’t know how else to start this blog post. I have put in my notice with Microsoft and the Power Platform Team. My last day will be Friday, March the 19th.

I know, It’s a shock. It was for me too. I never thought I would be saying those words right now, today.. this year..

But, here we are. Its for real. I have taken my next big opportunity.

I have accepted the role as Lead Product Evangelist for DocuSign. This means that I will get to build a Team and then create Community and Evangelism programs from the ground up! Its a super exciting opportunity for me to show off my leadership ability and grow community in an entirely new space outside of the Microsoft Ecosystem.

This was the hardest decision of my life. To step away from all that we have built together. All the way back to the Project Siena days.. through a hundred renames, and adding spaces to product names.. to now.. the Power Family of 4 products with Millions of community members whom i love and adore from all over the world.

We built something special here.. #FlowFam and PowerAddicts – All the life change and career change. The way we made sure to bring everyone along as we set the world on fire about this platform. I will never forget visiting your home towns and your homes.. being invited to your user groups and parties… but most of all its the little moments we all got to share as small groups and individuals that i will cherish most.

Getting to share your stories, getting to partake in so many of your journeys, meeting your families and learning how much this all meant to you.

That meant everything to me.

As i go forward into all that is next for me I want you to know…

It was my goal to build a community that allowed people to find themselves. And in that process you all helped me find myself too.

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me about true generosity. Each of you has displayed that countless times with me and with others and its what makes this community so special.

I hope that i have served you well in your Power Platform Journeys. It has been the honor and pleasure of my life to create all of this, with all of you.

I wont go too far, I’ll try to become a Power Automate MVP and besides that ill just enjoy the community alongside you all now.

As always, Ill sign off saying…

Much Love. I’ll see you in the next one!

By Jon Levesque

Father. Explorer. Outdoorsman. Speaker. Builder of Community. #MicrosoftFlow. Photography. Automation. Evangelist. Beer & Wing enthusiast. Opinions are my own.




Microsoft just lost a great guy! Thank you so much for all you have brought to the table of joy, laughter and knowledge ?

Congratulations, Jon! Really enjoyed everytime our paths crossed at a community event in the PacNW. I look forward to seeing at events where the colors of DocuSign! You’ll be able to drive goodness in amazing ways, I am certain.
Be safe!

Wow, Jon. There will be big shoes to fill at MSFT in your absence. Thanks for all you did for the community and the platform – truly one of a kind. Excited for you, man! 06011 representin’ 🙂

Congratulations Jon!! Wishing you all the best on your new adventure, and thanks you three thousand for all that you did. It’ll always be a pleasure to keep following you online.

Hi John
You do not know me but you have done a great deal for me and my company.
I have been so inspired by you and your guests on your channel. I now use most of the power platform in my daily work, (not powerapps yet but maybe soon).
We are a small family business in Sweden selling farming equipment directly to the farmers all over Sweden.
With the power platform we have had the opportunity to get much more efficient and profitable.
Our ERP-system in not so smart but its database is SQL so I have written a bunch of flows that helps us both in purchasing and customer communication.
For example, I have done a Form how to choose an electric fence energiser for his farm-fence.
The farmer fills in details of his land, what type of animals, length, how many wires etc and then automatically
gets an email back with suggestions on the correct energiser for his needs and costs, links for more information etc.
I hope that we will see more inspiring videos from you in the future and good luck with your new adventure!
Kind regards Daniel Green / LG Produkter in Sweden.

I wish you the very best in your new role, Jon. I hope that you continue to embrace your creativity and utilize it in your work at DocuSign.

OMG – such a loss for Microsoft. Congrats to you though! You will do incredibly well at DocuSign (and anywhere else you go). I am looking forward to seeing what you do there and also look forward to being part of the community you build there. Good people always do well!

You’ve inspired many people around the World (Like me!). You will keep rocking wherever you start a new journey.

Jon, congrats on taking the step to a new journey. You have been a huge impact to our community and you will be missed…so don’t go to far!

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