Building Community is my passion, and luckily for me, it happens to also be a super power of mine! Over the years I have built all kinds of different communities, but here i want to highlight a few of my favorites!

Fostering a community..

Building a community of over 2 Million participants is absolutely not easy work, but it is some of the most rewarding work for sure!

Getting to work along side a community that I am helping to grow is the best part of my job.. Knowing that what I am doing is effecting another persons life is truly a special feeling.

Sharing knowledge, creating content, attending and managing events, all of that is fine.. but its the moments getting to know each of you that i truly live for.

#FlowFam For Life

The #FlowFam started out as an influencer program… but it turned into a family. I don’t know any other set of people that I can share and be authentic with like I can with them.

They are the smartest, kindest, most energetic and full of life people you will ever meet. For someone like me who isn’t close with a lot of my biological family..  The #FlowFam has been a godsend.

Gaming Community

Yes, its true.. I do love to build community around most things I am involved in.. and so of course I have created a gaming community!

There are two ways to get involved.

  1. Discord
  2. WhatsApp