The Family

I am hoping you will take a moment to get to know who I am, what I am about and then dive into some of my content! I try very hard to give you a very honest and authentic glimpse into my life, and my thoughts.

Father & Soon to be Husband..

My family is my whole life.

I know, I know, every father and soon to be husband has to say that, right?!

Well, I truly mean it to my core. Being a person who grew up quite under privileged it has been my mission to make sure that my family never feels the struggles that I felt.

That means that we spend a lot of time (at least we did before the pandemic) focused on shared experiences, and connecting in ways that matter to all of us.

The Kids

My Kids are a constant source of amazement for me, watching these little people grow into full blown, opinionated, individuals, is mind boggling to witness and near impossible to try and put words to.

My Son, he has the most inquisitive mind, He is my adventurer, my hiking pal. I can always count on him to comment on the sunset or the mountain tops

My Younger Daughter, the One liner champion, the voice of common sense and reason, miss independent. She will always ask the hard questions!

My Oldest Daughter.. The Drama queen, the Gaming champion of the house, She loves science and technology and connection, we can always count on her for entertainment!


My Fiance

Alisha is the greatest person I have ever met. And I’m not just saying that out of some sense of duty, I truly mean that..

Its the exact reason i proposed so soon after being together, I knew, I had to be with this person forever.

she is selfless, kind, creative and talented in a million different ways. She is someone who can be good at anything she tries, and her willingness to try new things is high.
So the outcome of that? Someone who is great at everything! and it doesn’t hurt that she’s crazy beautiful too!

If you would like to see her artwork (which is phenomenal) head over to Alisha Mitchum Art