The group that started as a work/influencer experiment that morphed into a family which spawned a movement. Millions of people have been touched by the impact of the #FlowFam across the Power Platform ecosystem!

See The Movement

#FlowFam has become more than a family – now its a way to communicate with a group of like minded individuals.

Its a way to ask for help. Its a way to identify  a passion you hold.

Want to witness the Flow Fam in action? There’s a few ways.. First you can check out the conversation on Social Media by following #FlowFam on Twitter or LinkedIn

I Need Help with Flows!

Looking for the best of the best when it comes to the Power Platform?

Do you have a project that is plaguing you, or need someone to come and lead a training at your organization? Because of my experience I know all of the best in the community and am happy to refer you to someone who can help!

Feel free to shoot me an email with what you’re looking for, along with all of your details and ill make a few calls!

Become Part of the Fam

Its easy to become part of the movement, just use #FlowFam on social media when you have a question or content to share that relates to Power Automate.

By doing that, people can find you easily and help you or share your stuff!