Whether its Xbox, VR, PC or Mobile… Gaming has always been, and continues to be a massive part of my life. Come and check out my Twitch channel to see me in action!

The feeling you get when you accomplish a mission with some friends, or when you finally overcome that spot that has taken you 100 tries to master…x

That’s what gaming is all about for me. It’s a natural extension of who I am. A constant desire for achievement, story and connection, and all of these things are achievable in the realm of gaming. xx

I remember being a kid, and escaping into these dream worlds full of wonder and mystery…xxx

And I am so thankful that they were there for me. My life during my youth wasn’t easy… And Video Games were something I could always rely on and turn to when I felt alone.

And so, to see what’s possible now… to experience interactive storytelling and even to have the chance to be in a world like in VR, it’s something I continue to find myself relying on as a way of expression, connection and even as a way to learn and achieve more than I could otherwise…xxxx

Also, let’s not make it all too deep either… It’s also lot of fun to have fun toys and kick ass with them!xxxxx

I mean, having the best gaming gear is fun too, right? And then being able to smash Victory Royale’s with that gear? Even better! I definitely take the obsession to the next level, and you can usually see all of my latest gadgets on my YouTube channel xxxxxx



Custom PCx

  1. AMD Radeon X 3950X 16 Core 3.8ghz
  2. 64 GB RAM
  3. Geforce RTX 2080Ti 11GB
  4. 2x 2TB M2 Drives
  5. 1 x 4TB SSD
  6. 1x 8TB HDD
  7. El Gato 4k60FPS Capture Card
  8. Oculus Quest 2 256GB
  9. Oculus Quest 64GB


  1. Xbox Series X – El Gato HD60+
  2. Xbox One X – Backup Console
  3. TCL 43” 4k 120hz TV
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