My Best friends are the trees. My most relaxing spots are mountaintops. I love nature, being among it and capturing it through photo and video to share with others!

Nature Photography

Sometime in my late 20’s I made a decision that I was no longer going to only see the world through photos, that instead a goal of mine would be to see it all with my own eyes… and to be the one taking the photos for others to marvel at.

And so I started an Instagram to capture all of that beauty. Please feel free to follow me there to see all of my best Nature Photos

Drone Flying

Drones have been a huge hobby of mine ever since 2016 and working for a Drone startup company from China called Ehang.

Now i strictly fly DJI,  and you can catch me all over the PNW Flying the Mavics around trying to gather the best photos and videos of all the beautiful scenery!


Hiking is like therapy, you and the mountain and the conditions.. it could be cold or slippery, or a perfect summer day.. but either way.. You find out some things about yourself.

And honestly, I don’t know any better spot than the top of a mountain with a clear view where you can see as far as you possibly can. A picture can never do it justice, to scale or beauty.. which is why I have to go see it for myself.