Power Automate

My Original love. The one who I came to the dance with! Power Automate has been a big part of my journey, and I hope it becomes part of yours too!

Power Automate is like glue!

It allows you to combine things that weren’t ever really meant to be combined.. You can make systems talk and share data with a few clicks and zero coding, its really addicting!

If you are interested in automation and workflow, this is the tool for you! Be sure to check out some of my video tutorials on my YouTube Channel Jon Levesque Tech to help you get started.

Getting Started? Lucky for you, I have made getting started super easy!

I have created several sets of tutorials to help you learn fast!

I would start with the Beginners Playlist then take a look at Intermediate Playlist and finally Advanced Playlist.

Lets make a video together!

One of my favorite things is having people on my channel to show off the awesome things they are building and solving for!

Want to do a video with me? Shoot me an email!