The thrill of standing on stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people, this time together, just you and them. where your goal is to leave them with something... a lesson, an idea, a new possibility...nothing is more exciting for me!

In October of 2020 I was able to create and host the Microsoft Power Platform Community Conference, a...

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed talking, chatting & connecting with people

In fact, growing up I used to tell people all the time. “Me!? One Day, I am going to get paid just to talk!” And hey, here we are… Dream accomplished.

Speaking and communicating ideas and new possibilities to audiences is something that drives and excites me. I love to make people laugh, to bring them to the edge of emotion with a story, and then wrap that all up in an idea of how they can change their current situation, whether personal or professional.

I would love to help make your event awesome!

If you want to request me as Keynote for your conference, Host of your event, or to lead your company through Community or Evangelism training, please do feel free to reach out and make a request through my speaker request form.

Check out all of my talks

I try my best to keep a good log of every event I have been to, and every event I will be attending in my schedule… And, if there’s a video of the event, it will end up there so you can watch it on-demand!


With over 400k miles, I've visited...

  1. China
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Japan
  4. Poland
  5. Switzerland
  1. Sweden
  2. Norway
  3. France
  4. Netherlands
  5. England
  1. Scotland
  2. Portugal
  3. Canada
  4. USA
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Today we walk in the woods and discuss how embracing new...
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Come take a walk with me in the Beautiful PNW as...