Seeing the world and experiencing new cultures has been the single greatest experience of my life. I am honoured to be able to see with my own eyes to the myriad of places.

What’s up my friends?! I am re-releasing my drone masterpiece “Washington is Awesome” which took me over 2...

From Tokyo to Glasgow, Amsterdam to New York City and everywhere in-between. I’ll be looking for scenery, history and a good party!

Food, Drink, Dancing, Great Conversation and Big laughs are the ingredients to happiness, and I am on an ever present hunt to find the best of all of those things. If you want to experience the world with me, You will absolutely want to check out my YouTube channel as I traipse the globe.

I encourage everyone to travel, to get outside of their comfort zone and to experience new things they thought they never would

The key to a happy life? Say Yes to new experiences! Be willing to put your discomfort aside and take risks… And that’s exactly what I do! Jumping off the stratosphere?! Hell yes! Climbing thousands of castle wall steps in Portugal?! You bet! Racing Cars in the desert against your friend? Anytime! This is the kind of live I am living, come and travel and live it with me!

Even though I love to see this amazing world, I love to explore my home too!

I live in the beautiful state of Washington and the vast amount of diverse scenery to be had here is Intense! It’s another mission of mine to see all of it… This way I can always be sure to appreciate coming home too. I am looking forward to sharing all of my adventures with you.


The present is virtual, The future is absolutely hybrid.

And that’s why I am spending a lot of time thinking about “what’s next?”

When travel opens again, how will we think of flying across the world? How will we include all of the people we were able to include while everything was virtual? These questions won’t go away and so i am working to solve them.

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What’s up my friends?! I am re-releasing my drone masterpiece “Washington...
Come and do some urban skiing with me and my friend...
In Todays video I went to Stevens Pass Ski area to...